10 Different Dumbbell Exercises Organized by Muscle Group and Difficulty

10 different dumbbell exercises organized by muscle group and difficulty 1

A set of dumbbells is like a Swiss army knife that is not only essential but can be used to solve any problem imaginable. There are many exercises that may require a barbell but the same movement can be replicated with dumbbells. Machines have only now taken up such a pivotal role in the gym but before their invention dumbbells were the do all say all.

The following 10 exercise have been assembled to show you how one pair of dumbbells can work out every muscle group in the body and where as a simple movement may suffice for a beginner, the dumbbells can also be used to give the most advanced builders a satisfying pump.

Bicep Curls

They are used on a daily basis from beginners all the way to the advanced lifters. They target the biceps via isolation and produce immediate effects.

Hammer Curls

This is a variation of the bicep curl with your palms facing each other as if you are using a hammer. The exercise targets the bicep and the forearms.

Wrist Curls

One can also use dumbbells to work the forearms by doing wrist curls after placing the forearm on a stable surface and leaving the wrist and hand with the entire weight.

Overhead triceps extension

You will need to lower the weight for this exercise as the triceps are usually a weaker muscle group. Lift an arm above your head while holding the weight and let the weight drop towards the opposite shoulder. Now lift it again by squeezing the triceps.

Dumbbell fly

Lie down on a bench and lift equal weights in both hands. Now squeeze your pectoral muscles as if you are doing a butterfly stroke while swimming.

Overhead pull overs

Lie down with the upper back on a stable surface and a single (heavy) dumbbell in both of your hands. Your starting position should be with the weight above your head and your end position should be with the weight above your chest. Make sure it is a controlled movement throughout to limit the stress on your shoulder joint and increase the effect on the chest muscles.

Shoulder press

Lift the weights vertically above your shoulders either via alternating or at the same time. This movement will isolate the three deltoid heads that you have in your shoulders.

Dumbbell Lunges

The exercise is the same as regular lunges except that you will be carrying weights to increase resistance. This will target the hamstring, calves and the glutes.

Dumbbell Squats

Just like a regular squat with the hands carrying the weights to increase the tension in the quadriceps. Will target any and all muscles in the legs.

Dumbbell Rows

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and bend your back at an angle of around 45 degrees. The starting position should be with your arms outstretched in front of you and then you will pull back the weights while maintaining tension between the shoulder blades. This will work the lower back and the lats

The above exercises should leave you with a pump like never before. Alter the weights depending on how advanced of a weight lifter you are but never compensate on the form as this may lead to unnecessary injuries.


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