10 healthy choices to make before you are 30

10 Healthy Choices to Make Before You Are 30 1

Before  30? You will now wonder why before 30 ?  Habits that are  developed while you are young are more likely to stay with you throughout your life. Here are 10 health choices everyone needs to adopt before reaching 30.


  1. Favorite Workout

Exercise keeps you healthy, fresh  and stress-free, maintains your weight and boosts your energy and creativity.

  1. Start loving Water

Water has several health benefits. It maintains weights, nourishes skins and much more.

  1. Say no to CHAIR

Studies show that sitting all day in offices, homes and schools have led to an increase in a number of diseases which are now termed as ‘sitting-diseases’. Obesity is one of major example. Hence try to avoid unnecessary sittings for long hours.

  1. Reduce Drinking

Relax. You don’t have to quit it but have to reduce the consumption in order to keep yourself fit and healthy. Try not to consume  more than seven drinks a week and  three in one day. It is one of the reasons of low energy and  can cause blotchy skin and major problems like strokes and certain cancers.

  1. Avoid Extreme Dieting

Extreme dieting can lead to the deficiency of some essential nutrients required to perform the body functions. It results , low energy level hence decreasing your work efficiency. So , plan out a moderate diet plan which fulfils the  need of daily nutrients required.

  1. Learn How To Cook

It has been proved by the studies that if you enjoy making the food, the probability for sticking up with a healthy-eating plan ,increases. This not only helps in maintaining the weight but also protects from several diseases.


Vitamins are an essential need of the human body. All of the systems of the human body like nervous, digestive and etc. need particular vitamins and minerals to function properly. Pills are an artificial source ,hence not as much effective as extracted from the natural food. So, use fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet , more often.

  1. Meditation

Tired of the hectic routine, there  are times when we all want to zone out. Meditation is one of such practices.


  1. Good Sleep

Why is this necessary? Because if have not slept properly at night, you remain exhausted the next whole day. Not only the day is spoiled, so is your health .

  1. Explore Nature

       Try to move out of your homes and offices, into the greenery and the fresh hair. Research shows, it effects your mental abilities and creativity.



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