10-Minute Beginners Workout

10-Minute Beginners Workout 1

If you are new to the world of body building, the huge amounts of muscle mass that is on display in most of the motivational videos can make you feel inadequate and you would want to do the advanced exercises in hopes of landing the same look. What you need to remember is that these body builders are professionals and get paid to maintain this body. They have also been doing this for the past 7-10 years and they are much more informed than you.

As a beginner and someone who is not looking to become a professional, you need to ensure that you are eating properly and following a regimen that will push you to be better but not make you hurt yourself. Your best bet is to get control over your own body and that can be ensured by doing body weight exercises that have compound movements.

Pulls Ups

This is a relatively simple and common exercise but it is one of the key ways to increase your strength and increase your muscle density. Start off small and then increase your repetitions. It will work your biceps, lower back and a bit of your upper chest.

2 sets of 8 repetitions

Push Ups

These are one of the fundamentals in any beginner workout and you need to take special care of your form. The spine should be kept straight to ensure stability and to prevent neck injuries. This exercise will work your chest, triceps and lower back muscles.

3 sets of 10 repetitions


The king of all leg exercises, you cannot miss this at any cost if you want toned legs. The movement is simple with only two precautions: don’t let your knees go ahead of your toes and make sure your back does not curve at any point during the exercise.

3 sets of 15 repetitions


After you have become comfortable with the body weight exercises you can move onto the deadlift that increases overall strength and targets almost every muscle in the body. The bar must not be overloaded but instead you should focus on the form.

2 sets of 8 repetitions

Overhead Press

This exercise will work on your deltoids, lats and forearms. You need to keep the bar light but make sure that you can get more repetitions so that you get a nice curvy look to your back. Work on the movements with an empty bar initially if required.

3 sets of 12 repetitions

The above exercises should be enough to cause you enough muscle growth within the initial 2 months and coupled with a high protein diet you will witness astounding results in no time.


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