10 Minutes To Tone: Back Workout

10 Minutes to Tone Back Workout 2

A well defined back creates the illusion of a bigger body but it is not easy to achieve that. You have to do extensive workouts and tone your muscles with rigorous exercises. Lucky for you I have a program that will help you get a well toned back in just a few weeks. We’ll start off with the easy exercises and gradually move on to the tougher ones.


  • Chin-Ups: The easiest and most common exercise for back and shoulder muscles is the chin-ups. A wide grip on the bar and slow repetitions is all you need to know. There are a lot of variations for chin ups like different grips and wrist movements but we will stick to the old fashioned way for now.
  • Lat Pull Down: Lats, specifically upper/outer lats, also known as wings are the most important muscle to focus on your back. If you want to increase the width of your back then use a wide grip for your pull downs.
  • Hyper Extension: This exercise focuses on the lower back as well as the glutes so be careful because they will make your legs sore as well. Using the proper equipment, put your hands behind your head and extend your body downwards and then back upwards slowly. refer to picture below.


  • Deadlifts: Moving on to the harsher regime, deadlifts hit your body and your back hard. If you do not execute this exercise properly you will have back aches so be a little careful and start off with smaller weights.
  • Seated Cable Row: This is one of my personal favorites because you can do them while sitting. With a straight back and legs firmly planted to the floor, pull on the cable towards your upper abdomen slowly and then back. Be sure to give small 2-3 second intervals between reps.
  • Bent Over Barbell Row: Using a wide grip on the bar barbell you slightly bend over and with a straight back you pull the barbell towards the stomach. This is a tough exercise but it enhances your lats and works on your upper back.

Just ten minutes on each of these exercises is enough to give a nice shape to your back. You can do these exercises at home as well as the gym. One tip for improving back strength is sitting with a straight back, it will help you expand your lungs and compliment these exercises not to mention give you a good posture.


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