10 Minutes to Tone: Chest Workout

10 Minutes to Tone Chest Workout 2

Personally speaking this is my favorite body part to work on and one of the reasons I don’t hate Mondays. To get a well defined and toned chest you need to work it from all angles. Luckily there are plenty of chest exercises to choose from and all can be executed easily. Usually the upper chest is ignored which results in a flat disproportionate looking upper body. For the complete workout the upper, lower, outer, and inner chest all need to be targeted.

The Workout

1. Inclined Dumbbell Press: Set the bench at a 45 degree angle and lie down with dumbbells in both hands. Contract your chest to raise them up and hold for a second before bringing them down again. Remember to raise them such that they are slightly in front of you and not directly straight up.
2. Dumbbell Bench Press: Just like the above exercise, hold dumbbells in both hands and lie down on a flat bench. Contract your chest to raise them, this time straight up and after holding for a second bring them down again.
3. Low Cable Crossover: Set the pulleys at the lower position of the machine and grab the handle with both hands with palms facing forwards. Step forward to add tension to the pulley and bring the handles in front of you such that they do not go above chest level. Bring them down slowly and repeat.
4. High Cable Crossover: This time set the pulley at the top position and grab the handles with both hands with palms facing downward. Step forward and contract your chest to bring the handles in front of the waistline and after a brief pause bring them back up. Your hands should not cross each other.
5. Plate Push: Grab a plate of reasonable weight and hold between your palms as if you are squeezing it. Bring it towards the middle of your chest and push it straight forward. Pause for a second before bringing it back towards the chest. Remember to keep your fingers straight and squeezing it so that you feel the tension in your chest.

It is important to do the upper chest exercises first. The upper chest grows slowly and requires more reps and sets to grow properly. The best way to do the above exercises is to start with the inclined bench followed by the straight bench press. After that do the low crossover before the high cable crossover and finish off with the plate press. Do four sets for the upper chest and three for the lower. The last exercise should be one set and until failure.


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