10 Reasons Why I Love My Ugly Body

10 Reasons I Love My Ugly Body 1

Today is National Love Your Body Day and I idea it would be a gorgeous time to cease and replicate on just how magnificent we are!

Here is my list:

  1. My smile and experience of humor because I am dorky, goofy, playful, and I love to comic story around, Laughing till I cry due to the fact there are few moments in lifestyles when I am truly in the second like that.
  2. My physique has no ‘imperfections’, simply things that add character and make me unique. Freckles, marks, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, spots, wrinkles, etc. provide us persona and expression. I think one of the most beautiful matters a character can have is chortle traces round their eyes!
  3. My physique by no means takes a day off, even when I do!
  4. I have 206 beautiful bones and one heck of a sexy skeleton (trust me I’ve considered the X-rays. Meow.)
  5. My small gut is over 20 ft. long and it nonetheless matches inner my body. Creepy, but awesome.
  6. A range on the scale does no longer tell me how first-rate my physique is! The two aren’t even related.
  7. I went from jogging for just a minute at a time and believing that I just wasn’t a ‘runner’ to walking 13.1 miles at a time.
  8. If I am injured or sick, my physique works quickly and furiously to heal itself and doesn’t quit until it is ok. When I am asleep it works the hardest!
  9. My beautiful brain. The source of my passions, my emotions, my laughter, my pain, my creativity, my memories.
  10. My body has a wicked ‘gut instinct’ and continually whispers to me when it feels something isn’t right.

My physique realized to trust me again, after over 10 years of disordered eating. My body allows me to devour ordinary quantities of meals and keep a healthful weight in spite of no longer counting calories, obsessing, or working out too much. It also forgives me when I have a terrible day and fall returned into old habits.


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