10 Superfoods For Weight Loss

15 Superfoods For Weight Loss 2

10 Superfoods For Weight Loss

Eating the right type of food can highly affect your weight. One must keep an eye on what all they are consuming. Given below are a few selected foods good for weight loss.

Green tea

Green tea is a fat burner, also high in caffeine. You can add some salt, ginger, and honey to enhance its taste. Green tea has a lot of health benefits and can be called a secret drink to burn fat.


These contain antioxidants which neutralize free radicals. After eating these you feel full and satisfied for a long time as it contains fiber and water. A cup of blueberries every day can help cut belly fat.

Flax seeds

Healthy fat and fiber present in flaxseeds is a very important food for weight loss. The omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and speed up the metabolism. This is why this a kind of food which decreases obesity.


Almonds contain protein, fiber, and monounsaturated fat. These make your stomach fell full and you won’t have to eat for some time. These can be used to replace snacks which mean you will consume healthy nuts instead of fatty snacks.


Another citrus fruit which can prevent fat storage. Grapefruits must be consumed before meals as it has fat burning enzymes which in return will lead to weight loss.


Oatmeal is very good option for breakfast for those people who want to consume a healthy balanced diet or want to lose weight. Oatmeal contains soluble fibers which are very beneficial in decreasing weight and gives you a fuller feeling.


Oranges are rich in vitamin c and fiber. The vitamin c produces carnitine which aids to weight loss. Due to the amount of fiber in oranges, these prevent people from putting on more weight. The best way to consume this low-calorie fruit is to drink a glass of orange juice every morning.


The protein content of salmon boosts your metabolism as helps you lose weight faster. Salmon can be baked or grilled to get effective results in weight loss.


A food which has high fat but this is monounsaturated fat which is good for the body, especially for weight loss. The soluble and insoluble fiber results in burning excess calories.

Dark chocolate

Generally, chocolates lead to weight gain. But, dark chocolate has antioxidants which boost your metabolism that aids in weight loss.



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