10 Tips for Keeping a Food Journal

10 Tips for Keeping a Food Journal 1

Not many people know the benefit of keeping and maintaining a food journal. The benefit of the food journal is simply that it helps you lose weight! Yes, that’s right! Research indicates that individuals who maintain a food journal lose more pounds, and that too more easily than those who don’t. So how exactly will you keep and maintain a food journal?The below mentioned tips will make this easy for you:

1) Why do you need a food journal?

The first tip is to identify as to why you need a food journal, in order to have a clear direction. Is the reason behind it weight loss, or weight gain, or increase in muscle mass, or identifying food allergies?

2) An easy journal

Whether you are at work, or in school, or on vacation, you need a journal that you can easily take around with you. If you are tech savvy, you have various applications, such as “My Fitness Pal”, that can easily work as your best food journal app.

3) Time

Ensure that you note down the accurate timings of the meals that you consume.

4) Right specifics

To achieve your main purpose for keeping a food journal, you need to be specific! Write the exact portion size by measuring it, and do not forget to write how you felt after eating that particular food item.

5) Set a reminder

Set a reminder to update your food journal. Keep your food journal with you at all times, and ensure that you are updating it continuously.

6) The good and the bad

Your food journal does not only have to include the bad that you eat, but ensure that you write the good too. Mention that 1 cup of green tea even!

7) Be honest

Do not deliberately eliminate food that you ate from the fear of regretting later when you go through it!

8) Reasons

Every time you deviate from your diet, make sure to write down the reasons behind it. Was it because you were happy, or you were stressed etc.?

9) Set Goals

Set your goals and targets for every week, whether it is in the form of calories to be consumed or pounds to be shed!

10) Review

Ensure to review your food journal every week to update your goals and see your performance!

Remember, while it may seem difficult to keep and maintain a food journal, its benefits are unlimited! So go ahead and start today!


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