10 Weight Loss Myths People Believe

10 Weight Loss Myths Believed by People 2

Knowledge is Power. There is no contesting this statement and in the world of fitness this is the difference between losing or gaining weight. You need to remember these 10 myths and make sure you never follow any of them if you want to lose weight.

All calories are equals

The calories you get from grille chicken will never be the same as the calories you get from a can of soda. To avoid you the hassle of getting into technicalities the calories have a caloric value that tells us the amount of useful energy they will release on combustion. Sugars and added preservatives have bad calories and pure unaltered macronutrients have good calories.

Eat Less Move more is good advice

Not always. You may place your body in such a terrifying caloric deficit that the body’s metabolism is dropped to conserve energy that would lead to lethargy or fainting in extreme conditions but may still not reduce your weight.

Carbs make you fat

Carbohydrates are energy sources that are used for everyday activities. They do not make you fat. When you refuse to use them, they are saved in the form of lipids in the fatty tissues.

Fat makes you fat

Fat is used for energy in bursts after the carbohydrate stores have been exhausted. Fat consumption in optimum quantities is not bad.

Eating Breakfast is necessary to lose weight

Depending on the amount of calories you take in at breakfast, the metabolism may get a boost and burn away more calories than you have consumed but if you have a very very heavy breakfast you may be doing yourself more harm than good.

People with obesity are unhealthy, thin people are healthy

Both are serious conditions with serious consequences. Extremes are never beneficial and should be avoided at all costs.

Starving myself is the best way to lose weight

No it’s not. The body may sound the alarm and reduce your metabolism. Your body is conditioned to ensure survival not care about physical appearance.

Foods labelled low fat or reduced fat are a healthy choice

The amount of artificial preservatives are doing more harm than good. Moreover the procedures to remove fats have already had a negative effect on the food’s nutritional value.

Eating healthy costs too much

No need to dine at a fancy restaurant. Learn to throw together your own salad or grill your own chicken cuts. Before you know it you’ll be saving up more than you can imagine.

Genes have nothing to do with obesity

Genes are related to everything. Just like your eye color is decided by your genes, your body type is decided by genes too. Some people naturally have a lower metabolism rate and cannot get rid of the fats.

We have listed the above myths for your benefit. We hope you will work and make sure that they never hinder your progress.


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