11 Best Late-Night Snacks For Weight Loss

11 Best Late-Night Snacks For Weight Loss 1

You are getting ready for bed as you hear a low rumbling emitting from the pits of your stomach. It is too late to have a meal but a snack is unavoidable. You will be up all night if you don’t satisfy your appetite now. Here are the best ideas for late night snacks that will make sure that you don’t blow away your weight loss efforts either.

Strawberry Shake

A mix of strawberries, honey and kefir and you are all set to go. It will give you a good boost of energy while keeping away the fats.

Nonfat greek yoghurt

Higher in protein as compared to regular yoghurt Greek yoghurt will not alter your blood sugar levels and you can have it without worrying about your sleep vanishing.

Slices of white meat turkey

Extremely lean as compared to other meats, it will deliver a high amount of protein with the minimum fats possible.

Baby Carrots

They are great to munch on at any time but especially beneficial late at night since they are packed with vitamins and will not make you feel heavy at all.

Salted Popcorn

No need to add butter or caramel to good old popcorn. The high fiber content will fill you up at the cost of very few calories.

Dark Chocolate

It speeds up the metabolism and will burn away more calories than you think while seeming pleasing to your sweet tooth as well.

Dried Figs

They make for a great alternative to desserts and the high fiber content ensures a filled stomach at the cost of minimum fat/carbohydrate intake.

Wholegrain Cereal

The fiber will quickly fill up your stomach and you won’t have gained too many calories either as long as the milk that you used was not full cream.

Frozen berries

Packed with antioxidants, the frozen berries will remind you of ice cream as you roll them around in your mouth. The antioxidants will burn away at the calories while you can head to bed to catch some decent sleep with your stomach full.

Multigrain crackers

Crackers are a great snack to have at hand. High in fiber they will fill you up and you won’t have to worry about having gained too many calories either.

Unsalted Almonds

High in protein, almonds will fill you up quicker and you will soon head to bed having satiated your appetite.

Go ahead, fix yourself any snack from the list above, it’ll be our little secret.


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