11 Foods To Boost Summer Weight Loss

Foods To Boost Summer Weight Loss 2

Summer is here and with it comes the assorted array of fruits and other edibles. Here is a list of 11 foods that you must have to enjoy the season to the maximum and ensuring that there is no hindrance to your weight loss program.


This is the hands down the best way to beat the heat during the summer since it is almost all water. The little fiber that you will eat will help process the other sugars that you are consuming. All of this at the cost of 0 fat.

Mocktail alcohol free

Alcohol free cocktails will make sure you don’t feel left out. You will be at the party while staying within the defined parameters of your weight loss deit.


High water levels will ensure better regulated body temperatures. Since you are not consuming any fats you don’t need to worry about anything either.

Lemons and limes

The zest is the flavor that you simply cannot pass since it is a great way to add flavor to the salads and other appetizers without consuming any fats.

Grilled Vegies

You can never go wrong with the leafy greens as they almost always have 0 fat content. Eat them as often and in whatever quantities you wish without any consequences.


The vitamins present in the salads are beneficial and the fiber content will fill you up at the cost of minimum calories.

Fruit based desserts

They are a great replacement as compared to regular desserts since they have natural sugars instead of artificial preservatives.


Omega 3 oil has an anti-obesity effect as it prevents the increase in fat cells. It also promotes the breakdown of the fat in the body. These oils are present in salmon meat.


Capsaicin boosts the metabolism and its large quantities in bell peppers make them a great food to consume while trying to lose weight.


Yoghurt has a high amount of probiotics and these promote the breakdown of the fat cells in the gut. If the yoghurt is greek yoghurt we’re in for even more benefits as the high protein content promotes higher metabolism during its combustion since it is a dense macronutrient.


High amounts of protein and low levels of fat and carbohydrates, make shrimps one of the go to foods this summer. Shrimps will fill you up quickly and you will not even have consumed a lot of calories!

Great foods to consume during the summer season all while staying trim and fit.


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