11 Weight Loss Tips that have been Tried, Tested and Proven to Work


11 weight loss tips that have been tried, tested and proven to work1 Whenever ask people for tips and techniques for losing weight, we are presented with numerous different tips. All these tips leave us in a state of confusion as to which tip is the most effective. To make this easier for you, this article will talk about the top tried, tested and proven weight loss tips.

• Cooking

Cook your own food. This will allow you to use the right amount of whichever ingredients you want, and will ensure that no unhealthy items are added to your food.

• Chewing

While this may be difficult for many of you, but the truth is, that chewing slowly helps to lose weight. If you chew fast, your body takes time to give signals to the brain that the stomach is full, and thus, you find the urge of eating more.

• Fiber

Stock your house with fiber rich products such as vegetables.

• Fats

Who said that you do not need fats in your body? Whoever did, was wrong. Your body needs fat, but only healthy fats. Fruits such as Avocado and Bananas are rich in healthy fat and vitamins, so try to increase the intake of all such fruits.

• Water

Rather than drinking water during your meals, try to drink a glass of water right before your meal as it will help to speed up the digestion process.

• Work-out

Choose a work-out plan that you like the best. Whether it is cardio, strength training, yoga etc., ensure to follow the plan at least three times a week.

• Breakfast

Make it a habit of having a protein rich breakfast. Have eggs for breakfast as they will help to keep you full all day, and will curb your craving for having a large meal for lunch.

• Lunch

As mentioned above, try to have a small meal for lunch. It is best to choose snacks such as fruits, nuts, or vegetable salads for lunch.

• Olive Oil

Try to cook your food in olive oil, as it speeds up your body’s metabolism rate.

• Sleep

Sleep early, and make sure that you sleep for at least eight hours. If you are unable to sleep for eight hours in the night, take small naps during the day.

• Set a Goal

Without a clear direction and goal that reminds you constantly about what you need to achieve, you will lose your motivation to work towards losing weight.

I have personally tried all the above mentioned techniques, and I ensure that they will prove to work in helping you lose weight!


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