12 Anti-Bloating Foods for a Flat Belly: Benefits of Bananas

12 Anti-Bloating Foods for a Flat Belly Benefits of Bananas 1

Bloating can be both, an embarrassing and a painful experience. Bloating is usually caused by any change in your diet, or your lack of intake of water. A number of foods are available that help curb bloating. One such food is banana.
For many years, bananas have been known to have numerous health benefits. Whether it is curbing diarrhea, constipation, heart burn, etc., bananas have been known to be extremely beneficial. Thus, whenever I am bloated, I choose bananas as my savior.

Bananas are high in fiber. Your body requires a sufficient amount of fiber in order to allow the digestive system to work efficiently. Bloating can be a cause of constipation, which occurs due to the lack of fiber in the body. Thus, bananas can be extremely beneficial for curbing constipation.

Moreover, Bananas contain a high concentration of Potassium. Potassium helps to balance the sodium level in the body, and reduce bloating.

Most of us are unaware of the fact that bananas prompt the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria. This bacteria, known as fructooligosaccharides, contains probiotics which helps in keeping the intestines healthy at all times.

Bananas also contain a high concentration of water. The water helps to keep the digestive system hydrated, and allows it to work more efficiently. Once the digestive system is able to flush out all the toxins from the body and digest all the food fast, the chances of bloating minimize greatly.

Bloating can also be a cause of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, more commonly known as PMS. Bananas, with their high concentration of Melatonin and Vitamin B6, help to reduce the painful cramps and the uncomfortable bloating that accompanies the cramps.

Research indicates that stress can also be a major cause of bloating. Stress disrupts the sleep cycle, as well as the dietary cycle, and causes our digestive system and the metabolism, to slow down. The good news is, that bananas contain a high level of tryptophan, which when consumed, turns into serotonin. Serotonin prompts the brain to function smoothly and peacefully, and reduces stress and anxiety. Bananas also help to release the mood elevating hormone, Dopamine, in the body.

So next time when you are feeling bloated, do not reach out to your doctor or rely on the medicines. Instead, grab a banana, and I guarantee that it will instantly reduce your bloating and will make you feel relaxed.


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