12 Anti-Bloating Foods for a Flat Belly: Papaya benefits

12 Anti-Bloating Foods for a Flat Belly Papaya benefits 1

Papaya is a berry like fruit which is native to the tropics of southern Mexico and central America. At one time it was a rare and exotic fruit but is now readily available. Their sweet taste and various health benefits are the reasons to incorporate them into your diets.


The Benefits Vitamin C: They are an excellent source of Vitamin C and one single fruit can provide 224% of your daily need. This gives a boost to the immune system.
Boosts Immune System: With so much Vitamin C, papayas are a great boost for the immune system and hence prevents you from getting sick and avoid infections.
Asthma prevention: Certain nutrients, when consumed in high amounts, can lower the risk of developing asthma. One of those nutrients is found in papaya.
Cancer prevention: Papayas contain a powerful anti oxidant called beta-carotene. Diets rich in this particular anti oxidant protect against prostate cancer in men according to a Harvard Health Department research.
Digestion: One single papaya provides 4.7 grams of fiber which aids digestion. This fiber along with high water content prevents constipation, promotes healthy digestive activities and aids in weight loss as well.
Great For Your Eyes: This fruit due to high quantities of Vitamin A helps protect the mucus membrane covering the eyes and prevents oracular degeneration.
Prevents Ageing: The Vitamin A, C and anti oxidants in papaya keep wrinkles and other signs of ageing at bay. It is also great for the skin and promotes hair growth.
Lowers Cholesterol: The above mentioned vitamins and antioxidants also help prevent formation of cholesterol in your arteries. Cholesterol formation can lead to heart attacks and other heart diseases.
Menstrual Pain: That’s right ladies, a good helping of papaya during menstrual periods can ease blood flow and decrease pain.
Helps with Stress: Papayas have nutrients and vitamins that help with the flow of stress hormones. Vitamin C specially helps in this regard.
Arthritis Prevention: With its anti inflammatory properties, this fruit is good for your bones and helps prevent arthritis. Once again Vitamin C is the key here.

How to Incorporate in Diet

The best way to enjoy papaya is as it is, just like any other fruit. Other then that, you can make a tropical fruit salad and add it to your smoothies. Another thing you can do is make fresh salsa using mangoes, jalapeno, red peppers and of course papaya.


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