12 Couples Who Lost Huge Amounts of Weight Together


Being motivated to lose weight is a difficult task. When you think about it, you also think of the hard work, exercise and dietary restrictions that go along with it and thus, lose your motivation. But as it goes with almost everything, it is better to do it with a partner or commonly known as a gym buddy. Having them go through the grind with you, especially when its your partner, makes it all easier and helps you stay on track. Here are 12 examples of people lost weight together and are truly ‘relationship goals’.

 The Couples

 1. When these two got married, they loved the way the dresses looked, but not how they did. So they set out to lose weight and he shed 126 pounds while his wife lose 84 pounds.

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2.  Joining a weight loss clinic was the best thing these two ever did. Not only did they meet each other, but also started working towards their goals and have since lost 518 pounds together.

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3. These parents did not use their kids as excuses and have lost a combined 317 pounds. Not only did they become healthier but they started looking younger and happier as well.

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4. After her boyfriend made fun of her weight, she changed her lifestyles and set out to lose weight and get in shape. Since then she has lost 84 pounds and has been dragging his weight down with her.

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5. After they both had a health scare, the worked together and lost a combined 518 pounds together.

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6. There are many reasons people wait before getting married. For these two it was about losing weight. After 5 years they reached their goals and got married.

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7. This couple lost 318 pounds together and then decided to reward themselves with a long list of things they have always wanted to do.

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8. One year after their marriage, they made a pact to lose weight together. Five years later, they have lost 318 pounds together and are now running marathons.

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9. He and his wife teamed up to lose weight together. He lost 200 pounds in one year while she lost 100 pounds in the same time.

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10. After gaining lots of weight together, these two decided to lose it together as well. After two years they lost a combined 500 pounds.

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11. When these two started working out, their goal was to look better. It worked out so well that they started dating.

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12.  He lost 129 pounds and she lost 109 pounds. Then they showed off how different they looked compared to 4 years ago.

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