12 Foods That Are Great For Your Diet and Keeping Cool In The Blistering Heat

12 foods that are great for your diet and keeping cool in the blistering heat 1

Although the general rule is to lose weight in the winters so that your body is ready for the summer, many people find it difficult to lose weight in the cold and some might not be able to lose as much as they would’ve liked. One of the biggest problems people face in the summers is to find something to eat that is not only healthy but also keeps you cool and fresh. No one wants to eat hot meals on a hot day, so here are 12 healthy foods that can keep you cool:


1. Watermelon: One of the most popular foods for keeping cool in the summers not only contains large amounts of water, but also lots of fiber, vitamin A and C. Its even better if you eat it with a salad or even as a savory entree.

2. Hummus: If you want to snack on something cool and healthy then look no further. Hummus contains lots of protein and is rich in fiber and minerals that help reduce cholesterol.

3. Avocados: They contain omega-3 fatty acids and lots of fiber and vitamins. They can be eaten straight up, with a salad or even spread on toast.

4. Cucumbers: Just like watermelons, they contain lots of water, vitamins, calcium, iron and are great for your skin and bones.

5. Soups: With the proper ingredients, chilled soups can be a part of your summer diet. All you need is a bowl and a blender. Use ingredients such as avocados and cucumbers and find recipes related to these types of foods.

6. Celery: Another food to keep you hydrated, this is a great snack to munch on. You can eat it with hummus, a dip or spread it with peanut butter and add raisins to make a sweet and salty snack.

7. Zucchini: It is a member of the squash family and contains fiber and protein. It doesn’t contain fat or cholesterol.

8. Spinach: If Popeye eats it then so should you. It is full of antioxidants, fiber, helps in digestion and is perfect for salads.

9. Berries: No matter what your preference, all types of berries are full of fiber, vitamin C and have anti-carcinogen properties.

10. Corn: Not only does it contain fiber and is great for the digestive system, but also boosts you immune system.

11. Almonds: A great snack to prevent cravings that also contains lots of protein and helps prevent diabetes.

12. Ice Cream: If made at home and with the proper ingredients, nothing can be better then eating ice cream knowing that it won’t make you fat.


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