12 Healthy Summer Foods for Weight Loss.

12 Healthy Summer Foods for Weight Loss 1


Want a list of bikini friendly summer foods? These are few of the best food for weight loss in the summers.


Fresh juicy watermelons in summer is a delight. Also its a blessing for people with obesity. Obvious from the name, watermelon helps you stay hydrated, One bite contains about 92% water. Not just that ,it is rich of fiber and vitamins A and C. Watermelon , just before lunch and dinner, does the trick.


Having tomatoes in your breakfast all summers reduces an apparent weight and helps to slim the stomach. It is a slow process but its worthwhile.


Salsa is THE perfect summer snack. It goes with every health food; veggis, salads, fish. And it even tastes good alone.

Rainbow Trout

The best substitute for other high-calories meats like sausages and hot-dogs. Not only this, it is low in fat and full of protein.


Sweet potatoes

These are good to reduce belly fat as they are rich in dietary fiber, which helps to reduce blood sugar and spike insulin.


White meat is the best meat of all with the lowest count of calories. Plus its extremely tasty. Try to avoid frying it in oil though, you’ll take away all the good things about it.



Banana is a great source of potassium, much needed while exercising. We loose all our potassium with the sweat during all the physical activities.



These delightful fresh berries are not just good for weight loss but they also protect the heart. Make your salad deliciously wonderful with them and enjoy a healthy and a light meal.


The best thing about this dish is that its really easy to make at home and has only about 120 calories, a wonderful light dish for summers which can easily be found in the restaurants during summers as well.


This fruit is fiber and potassium rich with only about 180 calories, perfect to put in a salad or cereals.

Sweet Peppers

Sweet peppers is best suitable for weight loss since all varieties contain a natural metabolism called capsaicin.


Corn not only resists digestion but increasing immunity, controlling blood sugar levels, and increasing satiety, a perfect treat for you.


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