12 Proven Ways to Lose Weight Without the Need to Go on a Diet

proven ways to lose weight for good - without the need to go on a diet 1

It is indeed hard to give up eating those delicious meals. I’m sure everyone of you, at one point, has wished to somehow loose weight without depriving yourself of the pleasure of food. Well here are a few simple tricks for you.

Fix your eating schedule.

Its best to have a proper and heavy breakfast, a normal lunch and a very light dinner. If you don’t want to reduce the amount of intake, just rearrange it.

Water intake.

Water is your new best friend. Drink it as much as possible, specially half hour before a meal.

Self sufficient.

This is a good one. Help yourself. Thirsty? Go get a glass of water yourself. Try to do your own laundry and work. Need that TV remote? Fetch it yourself. Believe me, this will do wonders.

Play sports.

Physical activity always does the trick. Make it fun, enjoy loosing weight.

Keep yourself happy.

Depression can lead to more cravings for food and hunger. Try to keep yourself happy,motivated and positive. It is not only good for your weight, but also for your life.

Red crockery.

Normally the color red indicates stop signals and other man-made warnings. Try this trick with your meals too. Eat in red plates and drink in red glasses, specially when you know you are eating something you shouldn’t.

Self-conscious people.

Try to spend time with people who are extra conscious about their body and weight. Their company will not only make you eat less but also will indulge you with activities and knowledge that will help you get into shape.

Concentrate on what you eat.

Avoid the chit chats and the “technology” while you eat. When you’ll leave everything, your phone, your Facebook ,your friends and focus on what you are eating, you’ll be more cautious and selective regarding your food. Also eat at fix times and avoid having small mid-snacks.

Be picky.

Don’t eat less, but do eat healthy. Avoid too much sugar and junk food. Try fruits and veggis for a change. They may not be that appealing but they are tasty.

Eat slowly.

Take smaller bites and chew a lot. This way you’ll take a lot of time in completing a meal and can trick your brain into thinking that you ate a lot without consuming too many calories.

Walk daily.

Make this part of your daily routine. Walk at least an hour a day.

Diet pills.

Not a very good idea, but if you want to avoid dieting because of a medical reason or if you find it absolutely impossible, diet pills are one way of loosing weight. But do consult a doctor and keep in mind there will be side-effects.


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