12 Simple & Easy Natural remedies for weight loss fast

12 Simple & Easy Natural remedies for weight loss fast

Tired of all that weight? Here are a few natural remedies that will help you burn those calories with ease.


This is the most common and well-known remedy for weight loss. Cabbage actually contains tartaric acid which prevents the carbohydrate’s conversion to fats.


Apples are packed with fiber and regulate blood sugar levels helping regulate your appetite. So eat at least 2 fresh apples everyday.


Although papayas take a bit of time to reduce weight, they are really helpful. Instead of having a proper lunch, try eating papayas for 2 months and you’ll feel the difference yourself.

Lime Honey Juice.

Here is a tasty way of going about this. Warm a glass of water and add a few drops of lime and one tea-spoon of honey in it. Drink this regularly once everyday.


Yum Chocolate.

I’m sure you have heard that chocolate is the worst thing you can do to yourself while trying to get back in shape. Well its not all true. Eating piece of dark chocolate roughly an inch long directly after a meal, can actually help reduce weight. But be very specific of the amount!!


Replace your eggs and white bread with tomatoes in breakfast and in no more than 2 months this will indeed help in the weight loss.

Finger Millet.

Finger Millets are rich in iron, calcium and vitamin b1. Also they help in burning calories and digestion.



Keeping yourself hydrated helps loose a lot of weight. Drink at least 8 glasses of water and experience it yourself. You will feel hunger half the time you left it before in a day.


Chewing gum can trick your mind and stomach into thinking that you are eating something constantly. In reality you are just chewing nothing and nothing goes inside. Also its good to bring out that jawline.

Rose Petal Water.

Rose petals encourage your kidneys to put more salt into your urine. This excess salt in turn draws water from your blood, making you drink a lot more of it, and as said earlier, staying hydrated helps a lot with the weight loss.

Green Tea.

Green tea helps loose the harmful abdominal fat. Drink it regularly and avoid other hot drinks such as tea and coffee.


Lemon water.

Drink this in the morning with an empty stomach for 15 days and you’ll see immediate effects.


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