13 Ways to Take More Steps – In The Next 30 Days


You might have heard it a million time “Walk more!” Some researchers have concluded that in the case of weight loss it’s not necessary that who “exercise” or “workout” come on the top. But mostly it’s the people who are more active. By taking 10,000 steps a day you can keep yourself active and fit. Here are 13 smart ways that will help you to take more steps:

  1. Morning Walk

Morning is the best time to walk and pray because it does not only help you to focus but also it helps your body to wake up.  Try to walk al least 20 minutes in the morning.

  1. Use your iPad and Walk

While pinning posts at Pinterest, while uploading a status on Facebook, and making a tweet on twitter try to walk in your room, TV lounge or where ever you are.

  1. Use Stairs

Take the stairs instead of escalator or elevator in shopping malls, hotels, offices etc.

  1. Fun Workouts with Kids

Exercise with your kids, it will help you to spend time with your kids and to take more steps.

  1. Walk while laundering

Walk in place while you fold laundry.

  1. Walk After Dinner

Research has found that taking a walk after dinner can do wonders for your health. So take a family walk after dinner.

  1. Set Up Reminders

Set your alarm to remind you to take two-three laps around your house.

  1. Walk While You Wait

Are you waiting at the doctor for your turn? Waiting for the arrival of your bus? Waiting outside the school for your kids to leave? Rather than sitting and playing on your mobile phone, walk around!

  1. Walk While Talking on the Phone

Walk around while chatting with your friends and do Skype walk dates with your bestie 😉

  1. Park at the End of Parking Plot

While visiting a mall or grocery store, park your car at the end of the parking plot. Think smart 😉

  1. Take a Round of Your House

During the commercial breaks, do a lap around your house.

  1. Walk and Watch TV

Walk, run, workout or exercise do whatever you like while watching your favorite TV show

  1. Make New Phone Rules

Do you have phone addiction? Make it a rule that instead of sitting and playing Candy Crush play Pokémon go and related games. So you can have a double advantage, first, you can have fun and secondly, it would help you to take more steps.



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