1500 Calorie Meal Plan Menu to be followed after the 3 Day Military Diet

Calorie Meal Plan Menu to be followed after the 3 Day Military Diet  1

We all know how famous the military diet plan is! The military diet plan revolves around eating only the mentioned food, for three days straight. However, what many people fail to realize is that after the three-day military diet plan, one must ensure to eat a low calorie meal for the next four remaining days of the week too. Thus, to make sure you do not make any mistake in this diet plan, we highlight below a 1500 calorie meal plan menu that you should follow after this diet.

The first thing to remember is that this 1500 calorie meal plan should include at least 5 small meals a day. Ensure that you eat the meals at the right time.

1) Breakfast

Remember to have an early breakfast and make sure that you never skip your breakfast. Your breakfast must be rich in protein and can include scrambled eggs with bread, oatmeal, fruit smoothies with low fat milk, or an egg and muffin, with a cup of de-caffeinated tea.

2) Lunch

Your lunch must always be moderate. It could include a nutritious vegetable salad and could include eggs and nuts in the salad too. You can also choose to have a turkey sandwich, tuna pita, vegetable pita, or tortillas for lunch.

3) Dinner

Your dinner must be heavy, but remember, that you should always have dinner three to four hours before you sleep so that your body has ample time to digest the food properly. To make your dinner delicious and healthy, you can have shrimp pasta, vegetable quesadilla, shrimps with healthy brown rice, chicken breast with brown rice, sushi, or salmon!

4) Snacks

As mentioned before, you should have at least 5 small meals a day. Thus, remember to eat snacks in between your breakfast and lunch, and your lunch and dinner. Just like your three main meals, the snacks you eat should also be healthy! The snacks you choose can include fruits, nuts, yogurt, popcorn, one banana, a slice of whole-wheat bread with a tablespoon of peanut butter, or a small cup of coffee with some fruit!

With these 5 small meals, ensure to drink water and keep yourself hydrated. Follow this diet plan for the next four days after the military diet, in order to enhance the benefits of the military diet! So start today, and not only achieve your target weight, but also reap the benefits of all these healthy food items!


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