10 Foods that De-Bloat

Foods that De-Bloat 1

Are you irritated by bloating? Or have you been humiliated in gatherings because of this state. Don’t you worry now! Here is a list of food that will help you to De-Bloat!

  1. WATER

Say no to the carbonated and fizzy drinks! Although they seem to be good in taste but they have very harmful effects. Use as much of water as you can since it fulfills the body minerals and reduces bloating, without any harm to the body.


Ginger is an anti-spasmodic that aids digestion and relaxes the digestive tract muscles which enables you to stay away from this curse of bloating . You should try some ginger in your meal or else ginger in tea would also work!


Don’t you love raisins?? If not, start loving them .Dried fruits such as raisins are easier for your body to handle and process than raw fruit. They take less space in the GI tract, thus reducing bloating.


The tasty herb will keep your food delicious, but it will also prevent bloating. Swap the pepper, garlic and BBQ sauce for healthy herbs such as this one.

  1. BANANA 

It helps to flush excessive fluids out of the body. Bananas contain potassium, which should be in balance with the sodium intake. If your bloating is caused by salt, balance it out with a banana. Hope you know about the acid alkali neutralization reaction!


It contains water and important minerals like potassium. Water is already known as a good source to control bloating, whereas potassium is also a good source to tackle bloating.

  1. RICE

Are you running away from rice? If so, then you were doing wrong. Unlike wheat, corn, potatoes, rice is easily digested. In fact, it is fully digested in the small intestine. Hence, it prevents you from this uncomfortable state of bloating.


All the fermented products like yogurt are pre-digested. Hence, it becomes easier for the digestive system to break it down to release energy. Symptoms of bloating are improved by the consumption of yogurt.


This herb contains vitamin K which is an essential vitamin for building up of bones. In addition to this, it is enriched in vitamin C also.


It speeds up the digestive process. Fennel increases the bile production in the gut which helps in breaking down of food. Hence more the amount of food is digested, less is the chance of you suffering from bloating.


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