10 Natural Weight Loss Tips Backed by Science

Natural Weight Loss Tips Backed By Science 1

Losing weight can be really hard but by making minor adjustments in your lifestyle, you can start living a healthier and smarter life. These little changes can make a big difference. Here are 10 tips, proven by science which will help you to lose weight :

1.Drink Water

Drinking  water before a meal helps you to eat less. If you make it a practice, you’ll not hog on everything, except when you’re hungry. Ideally, a person should take 8-10 glasses of water.

2.Kill stress or else forget a flat tummy !

Stress  activates a hormone “cortisol ” which effects your metabolic activity badly, eventually resulting up to obesity. Hence, try to avoid this as  much as you

3.Add fresh seafood in your diet

Seafood like salmon and other fatty fish are rich with many fatty acids like omega – 3 that make your belly fat. Try to consume the seafood with low calorie!

4.Eat slowly

Do you want to lose weight ?? All you have to do is eat slowly. It is proven by science that our stomach takes 20 minutes to notify brain about its state of being full or empty. When you eat slowly, there is an increase in the weight loss hormone production.

5.Go For a Walk

Walking is an easy way to keep  yourself fit and healthy. Walking ,not only keeps us  physically active but also keeps our mind fresh.

6.Drink Green Tea

If you have been ordering coffee over green tea, you missed a significant metabolism boost. It contains an antioxidant,catechins which speed up the release of fats from fat cells and the rate at which the liver burns fats into energy.

7.Eat Yoghurt

All the fermented products like yoghurt contain probiotics that aid the bacteria in the gut to process food early. Yoghurt contains low levels of calories and helps you improve the metabolic activity.
So google up some Yoghurt recipes 😉

8.Get a Good Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause several metabolic disorders. It will lead to an increase in cortisol levels ( which stores fat) , lack appetite control and  reduction in a number of fats burned .

9.Pick some weight

While you are losing weight and dieting , your metabolism slows down. This problem can be resolved by lifting weights.  It keeps your metabolic rate high.

 10.Don’t eat after dinner

If you feel hungry after dinner, try to satisfy your cravings with low-calorie food or drink. You can reduce this temptation to eat again by brushing teeth immediately after dinner.


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