20 Ways to Lose Weight Permanently

20 Ways to Lose Weight Permanently 1

First of all know that the word “permanently” only applies if you keep on following the steps mentioned below. Once you stop you will regain that extra weight.

Step 1.
Cucumber Water: Leave sliced cucumbers in a jar of water overnight and drink every morning before breakfast.

Step 2.
Morning Walk/Run: Walking or running in the morning before breakfast helps in burning extra fat.

Step 3.
Yoga: Not only do you feel good throughout the day but it improves digestion and metabolism.

Step 4.
Sleeping habits: Staying up too late and sleeping too long can increase the storing of fat in your body.

Step 5.
No Sugar: Even if giving it up is the only thing you do it will help you lose a significant amount of weight.

Step 6.
Chicken Breast: Eating this will help you gain muscle and lose fat as it contains lean protein.

Step 7.
Divide you meals: Instead of having three heavy meals, have six small ones throughout the day. This will prevent cravings.

Step 8.
Eat at home: Its better to have home cooked meals where you know what you are puting in your body.

Step 9.
Fresh Items: Do not buy any prepared food. That means no frozen goods and no canned food.

Step 10.
Workout Partner: If you have someone helping you out then they can make sure you stay on course.

Step 11.
Dry Fruit: A handful of dry frit can prevent cravings and give you plenty of protein.

StepĀ 12.
Avoid white bread: Brown bread or whole wheat is a much better substitute.

Step 13.
Avoid white rice: Just like white bread, eating white rice not only increases fat but can cause cancer as well.

Step 14.
Eat during the day: If you eat more during the day you can easily burn those calories off.

Step 15.
Never sleep after a meal: Always wait two hours after a meal before you go to sleep. This way you can burn those calories.

Step 16.
Low fat milk: Switch to low fat or skimmed milk for better results.

Step 17.
Spicy food: Eating spicy foods can help burn more calories.

Step 18.
Water before meals: Drinking water 30 minutes before and after a meal will fill you up and reduce the amount you eat.

Step 19.
HIIT Training: This is a form of training were you work out with almost maximum intensity with short periods of rest.

Step 20.
Dont starve yourself: Not only will you lose fat but lose muscle as well


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