3 Proven Ways to Fix The Hormones That Control Your Weight

Proven Ways to Fix The Hormones That Control Your Weight 1

Hormones are an integral part of how the human body regulates its essential functions. One of the basic functions of hormones is to control appetite and how much fat gets stored in the body. Therefore, hormones are very important in controlling how much weight you gain or lose. In this article, we will list some of the different ways in which you can try to affect the hormones that control your weight.

#1. Insulin

Insulin is a hormone that is developed inside the pancreas by beta cells. It is produced in small amounts and is ejected in tiny amounts throughout the day and especially after eating a meal. According to the need at the time, insulin regulates the rate at which cells absorb sugar for storage or energy purposes. It also regulates the rate at which fat cells store fat and blocks stored fat from breaking down.

In order to make good use of your insulin hormones, you should take some steps. Reduce or stop taking sugar completely. Similarly, go on a low carb and high protein diet to make insulin levels drop, leading to a drop in belly fat. Also exercise regularly.

#2. Leptin

Leptin is a hormone that is formed by fat cells. It is the main hormone that tells your brain when it should feel that you have eaten enough and have a fully satiated stomach. Overweight or obese people typically have high levels of leptin in their system. Overweight people have leptin resistance and that’s why it does not help them lose weight.

To keep your leptin sensitive and have less of an appetite, you should avoid foods that inflame your digestive system and try to eat more anti-inflammatory foods such as fatty fish. Regularly get a good nights sleep and exercise regularly as well.

#3. Ghrelin

This hormone is popularly known as the ‘hunger hormone’. It is responsible for detecting when your stomach is empty and sends signals to your brain, giving you the feeling of being hungry and urging you to eat.

According to studies, ghrelin doesn’t work as it should in overweight people. Instead of telling the brain to stop feeling hungry after a meal, this hormone keeps sending the hungry signal. In order to repair this hormone, some steps need to be taken.

The most important thing to improve ghrelin response after meals is to stop consuming any sugar at all. The second most important thing is to make sure that every meal contains plenty of proeteins. This will stabilize ghrelin function and you won’t feel hungry even after having a meal.


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