3 Ways to Fast and Healthy Weight Loss


Your body is an amazing piece of biological machinery that adapts according to its external situation. If you have been careless with the sacred temple that is your body and have let your body gain weight and become fat, you need the advice given in this article. Follow this tips given in this article and you will be fast on your way to losing weight in a healthy way.

Soon, you will not have to feel ashamed of your over large stomach and related body fat. After following these methods, you will slim down in no time.

#1. Ignore weight scales at all costs

How you look in the mirror tells you a lot more about the development of your muscles and loss of body fat than weighing yourself on a weighing machine will tell you. Use the mirror to check the development of your muscles and the loss of fat. Only use the weighing machine to keep a record of your weight loss progress.

#2. Reduce your calories at a slow pace

While losing calories does indeed help a lot in losing weight, you should be very careful that you don’t go overboard in trying to lose calories. If you suddenly lose a large amount of calories, your body will start to starve and your metabolic rate will reduce a lot.

To get the benefit of large calorie loss without going into starvation mode is to let your body reduce the amount of calories it burns up. Do this by reducing the amount of calories you take in over all through every week. After a few weeks of this, you will be able to lose large amounts of calories in a short time without risking health problems.

#3. Do high intensity interval training

A high intensity interval training involves doing extremely physically challenging exercises in short bursts and with brief breaks. Although this is a grueling and difficult technique, high intensity interval training is guaranteed to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Always remember to limber and warm yourselves up before starting any high intensity interval workout session. If you think that you’re not ready yet, start off with some mild to intense cardio exercises, and soon enough, you’ll be doing high intensity interval training regularly.


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