4 unconventional ways to lose weight fast

10 unconventional ways to lose weight fast 2

Despite what you may think, weight loss is not as easy a process as people normally think it is. It is a process that requires a lot of time, effort and dedication, especially if you intend to do it the right way. Apart from just losing weight, your goal should be to burn up fat and build up muscles. The following tips might seem unconventional ways to lose weight, but they can greatly help you in losing weight and becoming fit.

#1. Work while standing

You may think that burning fat and calories requires intense exercise. However, you can burn a lot of calories simply by standing in one place instead of sitting at an average rate of 50 calories burnt per hour. So if you can’t stand all the time, try standing for half of your working time. If you can work while standing up for around 4 hours, you will burn up 200 calories just standing around.

#2. Drink black coffee

Black coffee is a great beverage to help you lose weight. It has almost zero calories and if you drink it without any sugar, even better. Another benefit of drinking black coffee is that it is an appetite suppressant. Coffee, especially black coffee, also makes you more restless and fidgety, causing you to move a lot more. This casual activity can result in you losing an average of a 100 calories in a day, all by drinking black coffee.

#3. Spend time in the kitchen preparing your meals

Avoid eating meals at fast food restaurants. They are guaranteed to contain a lot of fat and calories. If you prepare your own meals in the kitchen, you can control exactly what makes up your meals and thus, you can make healthy foods. Another major benefit of doing this is that you will spend a significant amount of time standing and walking around in the kitchen while preparing your meals. This will cause you to lose a number of calories just making food.

#4. Go to sleep early

There are a number of health benefits of getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night and going to bed early. First of all, getting a proper amount of sleep regulates your hunger hormones. Being sleep deprived causes those hormones to go out of whack and cause hunger pangs the next day which will make you binge eat. So getting enough sleep will ensure that you don’t over eat the next day.

Another benefit of going to bed early is that you won’t eat any midnight snacks. Eating snacks late at night is very common among people who go to bed late. So turning in early will ensure that you don’t add on the calories by eating at night.


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