4 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism 1

The word ‘metabolism’ refers to the various chemical reactions that take place in your body. The role of these chemicals is to work to keep your body healthy and functioning in order.

The phrase ‘metabolic rate’ is relate to metabolism and refers to the rate at which you burn calories. Therefore, having a high metabolic rate means that you are burning more calories and losing fat and weight more quickly. Here are some tips to help you increase your metabolic rate and lose weight at a faster rate.

#1. Eat lots of protein in every meal

Eating foods that contain fat has the effect of boosting your metabolic rate for a few hours. In scientific terms, this is known as the ‘thermic effect of food’ or TEF. Its value is ascertained by the amount of calories and proteins needed to digest, absorb and process the nutrients in the food you eat.

As protein is the biggest factor in raising your TEF, it is a good idea to eat food with lots of protein in them. Thus, consuming more proteins will help you eat less food and also boost your metabolism and burn a larger amount of calories.

#2. Frequently drink cold water

It is a known fact that drinking more water than sugary beverages increases your chances of losing weight. The reason for this is that sugary drinks contain lots of calories, so drinking water instead reduces your calorie consumption.

Studies have shown that drinking water, especially cold water, has the effect of raising your metabolic rate by around 10 to 30 percent for the next 60 minutes. Thus, frequently drinking cold water will help you boost your metabolism and help you lose weight by filling up your stomach and decreasing your hunger.

#3. Do an intense workout session

Hight intensity interval training consists of rapid and intense bouts of physical activity. It has the effect of boosting your metabolism, even after your workout session, and thus burning a large amount of fat.

Thus, doing high intensity interval workout sessions will have the effect of greatly increasing your metabolic rate and burning up large amounts of fat.

#4. Get into the habit of lifting heavy objects

Your muscles are much more metabolically active than your fat is. Therefore, working on building your muscle mass will directly work towards increasing your metabolic rate. If you gain more muscle mass, you will burn up more calories daily, even when your body is at rest.

Apart from lifting heavy objects at random, weight lifting is a good way to increase your muscle mass and fight the drop in metabolic rate that occurs as a result of losing weight. Thus, weight lifting and lifting heavy objects is an essential part of building and retaining muscle mass. Having larger amounts of muscle mass will cause your body to have a higher metabolic rate.


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