4 Ways to Eat More Vegetables for Weight Loss

10 ways to eat more veggies for weight loss 1

Generally speaking, only about 30% of the total population eats the health recommended 3 servings of vegetables every day. The actual reason for this is that vegetables are a comparatively boring and dull type of food. If you are interested in losing weight, yet suffer from this lack of interest in vegetables, you can use the following techniques to make vegetables more appetizing for your palate.

#1. Add vegetables to scrambled eggs

This is a great way to start your day off with vegetables in your breakfast. Simply add slices of mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spinach etc into your breakfast scrambled eggs or omelet.

Instead of grimacing over the taste of vegetables like you usually do, you will find yourself actually enjoying the addition of their taste and flavor to your otherwise bland and dull breakfast of eggs.

#2. Look at vegetable porn

You can increase your emotional and aesthetic attraction to vegetables by looking at pictures of prepared vegetable dishes online. Browse various food sites and look at pictures of vegetables cooked in enticing and exotic ways. Once you get used to the idea of vegetables as exciting and delicious foods, you will be more eager to consume more vegetables at a more frequent rate.

#3. Make Italian vegetable dishes

You can get the carb reducing benefits of eating vegetables by making a kind of ‘pasta’ out of long slices of carrots and squashes. Try out different sauces until you find the one that goes best with your vegetable ‘pasta’.

#4. Force yourself to eat vegetables until you start liking them

If you are reading this article, it is likely that you hated vegetables as a child and you still harbor a distaste for them, which is why you are reading about ways to make vegetables more attractive to you. You should realize that what was true for you as a child does not have to still be true for you. If you hated the the taste of vegetables when you are little, it is very likely that your taste buds might not feel the same way any more.

Your taste buds change and grow over time. So if you try vegetables now, you might find that you don’t find them disgusting or revolting any more. It is possible that as a child you hated them because of the way they were prepared. So prepare vegetables in a delicious way and try them out as an adult. You may be surprised to find that you now actually like the way they taste.


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