5 Popular Weight Loss Tricks That May Backfire

5 Popular Weight Loss Tricks That May Backfire1

5 Popular Weight Loss Tricks That May Backfire

When it comes to losing weight, one should be really careful. Its your health at stake here. Don’t listen to just anyone. Even the commonly known weight loss tricks can backfire.

Saying no to sugar altogether.

Yes, sugar is bad for a person but leaving it altogether is a pretty bad idea. Cutting out sugar is not just leaving cakes and puddings, but even avoiding healthy food like fruit and dairy. These foods are necessary to protect you from a number of diseases, infections and other health problems as they contain lots of important nutrients and natural antioxidants.

Counting calories Obsessively.

It is good to keep a record of what you intake but obsessing over it can do more bad than good. Stress can also contribute to weigh gain, specially the belly fat. Also its not just about the number, you have to see what you are intaking, its better to swap from processed fare for fresh and healthy whole foods, even if it means a little more calories.

Eating just one kind of food.

Remember, a lot of thing are very important for the body. Sticking to just one and depriving yourself from the essential nutrients you need can be very harmful for your body. Eat less, but do eat everything– even the “bad” food sometimes.

Consuming extremely less.

Food is a fuel for our body. As important it is to maintain weight, its very important to provide your body with enough energy to not only survive the day, but also to grow, maintain and strengthen your body. Eating extremely less food can actually make your immune system week, making you extremely sick.

The “6-meal a day” plan.

When it comes to losing weight, even too much healthy food can hurt. Everything has to be balanced, even their calories count. Eating less is the main goal in a good, fair and healthy diet.


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