5 Things You Should Never Say to an Overweight Person

10 Things You Should Never Say to an Overweight Person1

Your intentions may be to be honest and genuinely helpful, however you should always avoid saying the following phrases and sentences in the presence of people who are overweight.

#1. “You are FAT”

There is no real need to go into detail about why saying this is just wrong. Calling someone fat, whether it is behind their backs or to their face, is just plain rude. Telling someone that they are fat is guaranteed to hurt their feelings and make them feel bad about themselves and if your intention was to get them to start thinking about their weight, this was the worst possible way to go about it.

#2. “Has anyone ever expressed their attraction towards you? I mean, if you weighed less, you would be a lot more sexy.”

This sentence, or any variation of this, is something you should avoid saying to an overweight person, even if you think it’s true. This is a perfect example of body shaming and you should avoid saying this at all costs. You need to realize that overweight people are not really ugly. It is only the expectations of society that has made you think that overweight people can’t be sexy.

#3. “Don’t eat that.”

You may be tempted to say this to an overweight friend of yours, but you shouldn’t. For example, your friend may have decided to eat half a chocolate cake and you may want to tell them not to eat it in order to avoid gaining even more pounds. However, you should refrain from telling them not to eat it, unless it is for some other reason, such as having toxic ingredients or being an expired food item.

#4. “You are not fat. You are gorgeous.”

Now, this may seem like the opposite of body shaming, but you should avoid saying this as well. If you say this, or a variation of this, to an overweight friend, they will probably feel that you are simply being sarcastic or are patronizing them. Just avoid making any comments regarding their beauty or lack of it.

#5. “Are you sure that you really want to eat that much?”

Just like the previous point about not telling your overweight friend not to eat something, you should also avoid saying this for the same reason. Questioning the choice of quantity of food that your overweight friend has decided to eat will send a clear message that you think that they are fat and shouldn’t eat any more food that will increase their weight.


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