5 Weight-Loss Rules You Can and Should Break

5 Weight-Loss Rules You Can and Should Break 1

If you have a weight problem and have committed yourself to a diet, you may be facing some problems sticking to that diet. Most diet plans include a lot of rules which apparently should not be broken at all. In this article, you will learn about 5 rules that you can break without having to worry about your diet’s progress being affected.

#1. While high calorie foods should be avoided, it does mean that you can’t enjoy your favorite high calorie food once in a while. For example, you can enjoy desserts, alcohol or fried fast food as long as you eat or drink them only once in a while, instead of regularly. As long as you stick to sampling your food of choice at most, once a week, you will not gain any weight because of it. So go ahead and eat a few tablespoons of icecream or have a beer or two. Just make sure that you wait a week before trying them again.

#2. Most diet plans strictly instruct you to eat salads every day, all day. This might be driving you mad. A salad doesn’t taste as good as a deep fried chicken or a chocolate cake and you can get sick of the taste pretty soon. And eating a lot of salads adds up the amount of calories you are taking in. So instead of forcing yourself to eat salads, select some other low calorie health food, such as soups or sandwiches.

#3. Another rule for most diet plans is to exercise daily, especially jogging. Although exercise is a good way to get rid of calories, a jog isn’t very significant in those terms. If you jog for 30 minutes, on average, you will lose only 250 calories. Therefore, if you don’t feel like exercising for some reason, you can skip the exercises and simply rely on losing calories through eating less food.

#4. The rule that you shouldn’t eat any carb foods at all is nonsense. Although some foods with refined carbs in them are bad, such as white flour, rice or sugar, other foods with complex carbs, such as oats, whole-grain bread and brown rice, are okay to eat in average amounts. You shouldn’t go overboard eating them, but you don’t need to completely avoid them. So enjoy the foods with complex carbs and only avoid those with refined carbs.

#5. The final rule that you can break is the rule to measure everything that you eat. You absolutely do not need to measure the exact amount of calories or the volume of the food you are about to eat. There are plenty of foods that you can enjoy eating as much as you want without having to limit yourself. But keep in mind that these are foods with zero starch in them and low calories as well. This includes peppers, celeries, cucumbers and other salad greens.

You can binge on these foods all you want, if you want to feel like taking a break from your diet without really impacting the diet.


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