5 Weight Loss Tips from Celeb Trainer Jen Widerstrom


Jennifer Widerstrom knows some things about weight reduction. On NBC’s The Biggest Loser, she has an immaculate winning streak in the wake of two victors on the platform (counting last season’s Roberto Hernandez).

What exactly is Widerstrom’s claim to fame? She Helped her customers make a custom-made weight loss program that works for each unique client. We asked the coach, who is 33 years old, for her best tips on slimming down—and staying slim. (A late study on individuals who effectively contended on The Biggest Loser highlighted how difficult it is to keep the weight off.)

Respect your body

I frequently see a great deal of enthusiasm initially. However, individuals don’t yet have a great deal of the equipment set up to keep a good weight loss program going. In many cases, rather than honing their weight loss practices, they stop working—since they’re going up against so much that they can’t keep up with the stress.

To avoid burning out too quickly, choose some good workout routine in the first week and then repeat that the following week. Work at it consistently to understand how it affects you. During week two, include something else as part of your exercise routine. It could be something as basic as drinking more water, or putting a metal bar in your tote-bag to keep from eating undesirable food

Overcome your yearnings

In case you are longing for something sweet, this is on account of either of these things going on: 1) You’ve become dried out, 2) You’re not eating enough. At the point when your body is feeling malnourished—which is the thing that happens when you are not getting enough water or eating enough calories—your body begins to crave the best source of energy it can think of, namely, basic sugars.

The answer to this is to ensure that you’re eating enough and drinking enough water, since that is what truly matters.

Set your limits

Individuals are often hard on themselves. Realize that this weight reduction program should not begin without any forethought. Individuals in some cases have unreasonable assumptions about how their weight reduction program is going to go.

You should learn to recognize your “non-debatable” limits. Regardless of what your weight is , regardless of how healthy you get, what are you never going to trade off? For me, I will never do less than two workouts a week. That is my limit.

Give yourself permission to be human. We’re all going to have slips ups from time to time. In any case, realize that you can re-discover your inner balance and healthy weight once more.


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