7 Ways to Lose Weight Like a Man

Ways To Lose Weight Like a Man 1

Have you ever noticed that your man loses weight within few days whereas it takes you months to loose just a few pounds? Men actually lose faster than women, and now I will give you some tips to beat them in this.

1.Men do not have Emotional Fat

Women are more emotional as compared to men. After breakups ,sad and tensed situations , they  keep themselves affected for a longer period as compared to men. And during this, they intake more and more high-calorie foods, eventually resulting a gain in weight.

2.Men remain Cool

What happens when you have lots of dishes in front of you ? Women are more conscious about their diet plans as compared to men. They avoid eating high-calorie foods and stick with their low-fat diet whereas men usually take the situation easy. If they eat against their diet plan, they do more and more workout. This enables them to loose more weight.
So all you have to do is, take a chill pill !

3.Men don’t like Chocolates

Does your man like them? Congrats, you are lucky then. But usually, men don’t like chocolates. Whereas, your only  craving is a chocolate. Chocolate ice-cream, cakes , candies and so on. If this is the case, then why won’t you gain weight then? You have to sacrifice your chocolate love to loose weight.

4.Men are Protein Lovers

They love meat and all protein foods. If you have been thinking that the protein powders are only for men or body builders, then you were wrong. It increases the metabolic rate and builds up muscles which are equal need of women. This helps in losing lots of pounds.

5.Men can Fast

Studies have shown that if you restrict your intake of food to a limited time frame, this helps to increase the rate of metabolism, eventually resulting in a weight loss.

6.Men Drink more Water

If you provide a bottle of water to both men and women, women might   drink just a sip of water whereas men would drink the whole of it even. Men keep themselves hydrated , which keeps their metabolic rate high, Higher the metabolic activity, higher would be the rate at which fats are burned.

7.Men do workouts in the morning

Early morning workouts play a vital role in burning up of fats. Most of the women are busy in household activities , hence they are unable to do workouts early in the morning. Try to manage your activities in such a way that you can do workouts


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