7 Ways to Lose Weight When Walking


These are a few simple types of walks you can take that will help you lose weight.

The Morning Walk

Morning walking is a it is a gentle way to ease yourself into a regular workout routine. It is a low-impact activity that helps you burn calories and build muscle. Walking regularly is far better than doing no exercise at all.

The No Car Walk

Whenever you have to leave the house to go somewhere, prefer to walk instead of driving. Specially places that are near-by– a market,a friend’s place or a nearby park. Also shop a lot–good news for the ladies, as specially window shopping requires a lot of walking and stamina.

The Reverse Walk

Try to go on the opposite side of your daily walking route. Used to go right? Try left!! This way you’ll keep the walk interesting, visit more areas and discover new places.

The Rainy Day Walk

Mostly people prefer to stay indoors when it comes to a rainy day. This is a very bad idea. Try to enjoy the rain with a little walk. Grab that raincoat and go out,there’s something special about walking in the rain that is simultaneously calming and exhilarating.

The Anger Walk

Most people prefer to go on a long drive when they are mad or frustrated. Take a walk instead and enjoy the fresh air. This will not only calm you down but also help with your health. Best idea is to enjoy a beach walk if you have water nearby.

The Mid Walks

People usually find it hard to take out an hour from their day, specially for a walk. If you are too busy, do not leave the walk completely but instead take out 15 minutes three or four times in a day. This will not only help you avoid exhaustion but you will be able to manage time better.

The Virtual Walk

It is proven that even imaging yourself walking can help get muscle fibers to work. If nothing else, at least spend a few minutes in silence, with your eyes closed, envisioning yourself taking that morning walk. It will help you develop muscle memory that’ll make you more efficient when you do get out for a walk.


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