8 Fall Foods For Weight Loss

15 Fall Foods For Weight Loss 2

Probably the most frustrating part of a weight loss regimen is the hundreds of rules that you have to follow everytime you sit down to eat. With the seasons changing, God has given you a chance to eat better and added a new range of foods. Out of all of the possible crop that is harvested at fall, we have picked out our favorite eight foods that are sure to help you enjoy dieting a lot more.


Regardless of how you consume them, apples are a great source of fiber with a very low amount of calories. Apples help curb your cravings by regulating your blood sugars and they also help you lose water weight since they have a very low sodium content.


Next on the list are the small chewy fruits that are packed with energy, fiber and Vitamin B6. You guessed them: dates. They are a great way to tackle that sweet tooth problem while making sure you consume healthy fiber as well. Although you will be consuming sugar, the fiber will fill you up quickly and this will prevent your appetite from kicking into action anytime soon.


Pears contain a soluble fiber called pectin that keeps you feeling fuller for longer. It also has fiber that will take care of your hunger and you will not want to eat anymore once you have snacked on a pear. You may have a pear in its raw form or you may have it sliced and cut in the form of a salad.


Cranberries are packed with antioxidants that will boost your metabolism and have you burning calories implicitly. Cranberries also have a substance called ursolic acid that has shown to burn fat in various experiments.


Cinnamon is more than just the sweet-spicy scent. It helps stabilize blood sugars and boost metabolism while burning fat and in a nutshell is one of the best foods to have while trying to lose weight.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have two major benefits, the first one being the high fiber content that would fill you up with minimum quantities of food and the second one being stabilizing the blood sugar levels to prevent sudden hunger.

Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn is a treat to have and it is calming to know that one entire ear only contains about 100 calories. Moreover the high fiber content and the protein that is present will make sure that you feel full for a long time and stay away from any snacks in the middle.


Duck is a great source of protein, iron and selenium which helps boost metabolism which will in turn burn more calories to ensure a slimmer and fitter you.

One should never limit himself when it comes to food because there are millions of flavors out there that are waiting to send your taste buds into a frenzy. This fall taste the above and you will not mind dieting at all


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