Adorable Mother-Daughter and Their Impressive Yoga



A few days ago I came across an adorable duo of mother and daughter that were performing yoga moves together. Their combo was so catchy that I decided to write an article on them and their pleasant relationship. The mother had been in the yoga family for over 17 years while the daughter was an adorable little pea aged just 4 years. This mother’s passion towards doing yoga didn’t stop her from practicing it even after the birth of children. I learnt a lot from them that day and would like to share it with all the mothers out there. There are many moves you could do with your baby to stay fit, stay home and keep up with your yoga cravings. I’ll be mentioning a few yoga positions explained to me by the same yoga practitioner that you could do with your child.

Child’s Pose:

This is considered as a more relaxing exercise by yoga tutors. Yet this is a very effective back stretching technique. Get on all fours and then sit on your butt by keeping arms forward so that your hips rest on your heels. Now breathe as deeply as you can feeling your blood flow and relaxing your body.

Seated Forward Fold:

Doing a seat forward fold rightly is very difficult, take my word on that! But if you do it right it can relieve all the stiffness and pain from your lower back portion. Get into a seated position with legs extended ahead of you; now reach for your ankles by bending the hips. If it hurts your back you may bend the knees.

Tummy Time:

Lying on your stomach with your child before you, lay arms on either side  in a plane position and keep legs just about more wider than hip-width with toes brought up. At that point all the while lift your arms, legs and mid-section up off the ground, keeping arms and legs as straight as could be expected under the circumstances without locking elbows or knees. Hold for 10 seconds (sing to your child in the event that you need). Gradually come back to begin. Go for 10 reiterations.

Bow Pose:

As it is clear from the name, you have to make a bow shape with your body. Lie with your face down, start lifting your legs in the air and put pressure on your hips. After this try to move your feet towards your head by grabbing them with your hands extended backwards. This posture is very helpful for hips and back.


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