How To Avoid Regaining Fat


It’s finally here! You’ve reached your fat loss goal after months and months of hard work, determination, discipline, good eating habits and consistent exercise. I’m sure you are proud of your success and cannot wait to show the world the results of your hard work.

You’re so happy that you begin to celebrate constantly, going out for dinners during the week, karaoke and dancing with friends and going to parties wherever and whenever can find them. You feel amazing! But then in no time, the new clothes you’ve bought start feeling tighter, and you notice that people don’t compliment you anymore the way they use to.

Interestingly, the secret to keeping your results is really not much of a secret. Honestly, it’s just as simple as getting back into a regular exercise routine and sticking to it. And yes, a night of dancing will count! In fact, researchers have recently shown through meticulous experiments that regular exercise can and will prevent your body from regaining weight lost after months of serious dieting. Of course, it helps even more if you’re also practicing some basic healthy eating habits.

Dieting has many negative effects. When you lose weight through strict dieting, your body tries to fight it in many ways: First your brain tells your body you are starving and makes you eat more. The brain then slows down your metabolism so that your body returns to its comfort weight.

Exercise to the Rescue!

Exercise really is a “magic pill”—it’s just one that most people forget to take consistently.

Yet, it’s one of the most effective ways to maintain your results:

  • Regular exercise leads to decreased appetite and increased caloric expenditure, helping you maintain your new, slimmer physique.
  • It also changes the body into a fat-burning machine and helps it store more carbohydrates in your muscles, where they can be used to fuel further exercise sessions.
  • Finally, it can increase muscle tissue and keep fat tissue at bay.



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