Boost Your Self Esteem and Believe You Can


Self esteem of a person is that loud voice inside of him that keeps shouting and telling him from time to time that he can do it, that he can achieve what may seem impossible to others. It is all about how much we think we are worth. This voice is made up of all the beliefs a person has in himself and his abilities to perform in different circumstances. Having low self esteem is a major issue that a number of people face these days. It needs to be addressed immediately if you want to succeed in the race of life and be ahead of your past.

You may feel you’ll fail even before you make an attempt on doing something. The reason for this is mostly past experiences with failures or even seeing someone else fail at it. An important example is a person that is with his friends’ circle that has a strong influence on him. If those people ask him to do something with them which is morally or ethically wrong it shall be pretty difficult for the person to resist because of the bonding and influence. Many people smoke just to feel like being a part of a certain group or to make themselves more appealing towards a different category of people.

How to Boost Self Esteem?

Follow the following rules to improve your self esteem:

Believe You Can:

You need to have firm belief at all times throughout your life when you approach a task that you can do it.  Having doubts about it should not be an option. Either deny the possibility of even making an attempt or just go out there or do it. There should be no middle ground.

Set Realistic Expectations:

If you think you can run 50 miles in a day and have firm belief in that. let me tell you, you are a very big fool. The expectations you set should be completely realistic and achievable by a human being. You do not want to be let down by something that cannot be achieved due to the physical limitations of the human body. Pushing the limits or testing the limits is one concept I understand. But this does not in any way mean that you have to try something way off the mark and not achievable by the human body.


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