Can I Lose Belly Fat by Lifting Weights?

Can I Lose Belly Fat by Lifting Weights 1

Can I Lose Belly Fat by Lifting Weights?

 Belly fat

Most of the people complain that most of the fat on their body is stored in the abdominal region. It is very difficult to burn this fat as this is of two kinds: visceral or subcutaneous fat. Though it takes a lot of hard work but it’s possible so we must not lose hope.

Lifting weights

Weightlifting turns fats to muscle which means the inactive calories are burnt and transformed to muscle. Going to the gym or lifting at home, with friends or alone, lifting weight can be made fun and can be very effective in belly fat weight loss. Setting goals will encourage you to lose the required amount of weight.

Weight training benefits

Over the years, people have realized that weight lifting has a lot of benefits. Weightlifting tones your body and can make your body composition better. Health becomes better and decreases risks of depression, diabetes, muscle pain and most importantly weight lifting can burn fat. This is an anaerobic exercise which can reduce depression and make you a happier person. Weight lifting also improves the heart health and controls blood sugar levels.

Weight training with other weight loss techniques

But, weight lifting alone won’t let you burn fat. In order to lose the excess calories, one must combine dieting with cardio exercises and weight lifting. A common mistake made by many is that we consume a lot of liquid calories which can ruin our hard work of dieting and workout. The best thing to do is to visit a dietitian to get a plan made out according to your workout. Professional help always helps. Another thing you should try to do is to join a gym, jog for an hour every day or attend exercise classes. The golden rule is that we must burn more calories than we consume. Due to the stubbornness of belly fat, we must work hard and keep a record of our calorie intake. This blend of weightlifting with different methods of weight loss will take some time to show results as it is easy to put on weight but burning fat is a gradual process. Therefore, keep your level of motivation high.


It is clear that in order to burn belly fat one must not only focus on weight training. Instead, a combination of all these methods mentioned above would help you reduce belly fat.


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