How Can I Turn My Fat Into Muscles : Not A Myth

How to Turn The Fat On Your Body Into Muscles Who doesn’t want to have less fat and have a nice body? But turning your fat into calorie burning machine could change your entire outlook. Just the thought of it sounds pleasing. I’m sure some people have come across the headline, “get the Fat on your body to start burning calories ” read it and didn’t even click on it. They automatically discard it, because it sounds too good to be true. In reality, you should look into everything that catches your attention, “too good to be true or not”. Look into it and decide for yourself where you stand after.

Ok, this is the stuff that late night infomercials are made of. Some hot sexy girl or a good looking guy with six pack tells you, how they looked before and how they look now. You take a pill or use some sort of ab contraption and miraculously your fat turns into muscle in only a few days!

Do you think turning fat into muscle is a myth and doesn’t actually work like that in real life (keep this in mind Bone morphogenetic protein 7 (BMP7) and PRDM16 – i will explain it later in this post). It is true fat and muscle are made up of entirely different tissues so “”turning fat into muscle”” in most cases is more than just a 1 step process. We all know, fat is used by your body to store energy while muscle is used for movement and some involuntary functions (pumping blood” digesting food breathing).

Muscles are made out of protein while fat stores are made up of… fat. There is no mechanism to turn fat into protein it just isn’t possible. But turning fat into muscle is possible in a 2 step process which requires you to burn fat and build muscle in it’s place. The other way is to increase the good fat in your body compared to the bad fat.

Next page I will cover what The Good Fat And Bad Fat Does.

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