A Cucumber Turkey Sandwich that is Low Carb but Filling


If you are committed to watching your weight and losing any excess weight, this article will present you with a tasty and healthy recipe for a cucumber turkey sandwich that has a low amount of carbohydrates yet still makes you feel full after eating it.

Weight loss is the result of the amount of calories you eat compared to the amount you burn regardless of the food you eat. There is truth to the way that certain foods make you feel. When you eat foods that are lower in carbs and higher in fiber and protein, then you will feel great. You won’t get bloated and have will have lots of energy. On the flip side, when you eat high carb foods like pasta, you will feel heavy and bloated.

Therefore, everything should bee treated with moderation. So instead of giving up on eating pasta just because it has a lot of carbs in it. Instead, limit the amount of these foods you eat so that they don’t have a detrimental effect on your weight and health.

These cucumber sandwiches can be made in two distinctive ways. To begin with, you can cut the cucumber into pieces and expelled the seeds. This give you a well of sorts to put in the sandwich filling.

Alternately you can simply cut them. There are no rigid tenets to these. Cut in any case you need. Likewise, I expelled the skin. You can abandon it on the off chance that you wish.

I adored these sandwiches. They are so great and filling. What I like best is that I can get all the flavor and fulfillment from a sandwich, without the carbs and calories from the bread.

On the off chance that you are attempting to cut carbs try this sandwich thought attempt.

Obviously, you can use any filling you like. My sandwich is only an illustration and one of various choices. Mess around with it.

A great example of a delicious piece of food that can give your tastebuds pleasure and at the same time keep your weight low is the delicious low carb recipe for the low carb cucumber turkey sandwich.


  • 2 cucumber cuts
  • 1 tablespoon of hummus
  • 1 tablespoon destroyed carrot
  • a little bit of turkey
  • a little bit of cheddar

The cucumbers can be peeled and cut 2-3 days early.


Take one cucumber slice and lather hummus over top. Layer on whatever is left of the fixings and spot the second cucumber cut on top. Enjoy!


Nourishment Information:

  • Serves 1 individual.
  • Cucumber sandwich Calories: 71
  • Fat: 4
  • Starches: 3
  • WW Points +: 2
  • Fiber: 1
  • Protein: 4

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