Easy Exercises To Shrink the Butt And Lift the Butt at Home

Easy Exercises To Shrink And Lift the Butt at Home These exercise are perfect for lifting the butt” making the butt firmer toning the butt and in general shrinking the butt. We all want the best exercise that will make our butt look great. Lately I have been trying exercises that are meant to target the butt shrink the butt and make the butt look lifted. When your butt looks great it makes your entire body look inline with sexy, healthy outlook.  Too many people tend to focus on stomach, legs and other body parts – Butt is one of the most neglected area. As your butt shrinks, it also release hormones for rest of your body to be utilized as fat and calorie burning fuel.

Best Butt Shrinking Exercises #1: The Lunge

The lunge is one of the best ways to shrink your butt lift your butt and make your whole backside look great. When starting any exercise like the lunge you may want to consult with your doctor and make sure you are in good enough health for strenuous exercise.

Once that is established you want to make sure you are doing the lunge properly and in the correct increments. When bending owns into the lunge you bent knee should be above your ankle never out over it.

You will want to work in sets and add more repetition as you progress.

Best Butt Shrinking Exercises #2: The Squat

The squat is one of my favorite ways to lift the butt. You can add some hand weights to this one as you progress to add more resistance. I started by adding some 1 pound weights and worked up to 5 pounds over time.

Another great top is to look at one mark or dot on the wall while you do your squats. You will want to make sure your back is straight and that you do not pop up too quickly. I really recommend watching an exercise video or consulting a fitness instructor to help make sure you are performing the quit correctly.

This way you will get the most benefit.

Best Butt Shrinking Exercises #3: Treadmill and Incline

Finally a great way to tone the legs and shrink the butt is to walk on the treadmill but set it at an incline. Focusing on inclines in the 4 5 and 6 range is a great way to really burn more calories tone up the backside. A great idea is to add this incline in small incrementing your normal routine on the treadmill.

For example after you have been walking for about 5 minutes adding 3 minutes at a step incline. You will start to feel this burn and work on the backs of your legs on your butt. You will really feel it the next day as well once you have rested for a bit.

As your endurance increases you will want to increase the length or even the incline to really tone your butt.


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