Fiber Can Help You Lose Weight, But Only A Specific Type

Fiber Can Help You Lose Weight, But Only A Specific Type 1

Fiber is an extremely important part of a human’s diet since it regulates the excretory system and makes sure that you have a healthy colon. Fiber is categorized as protein that the human body’s digestive system fails to process. It is most commonly found in fruits and vegetables.

Apart from this, it also has an active role to play in the metabolism regulating system that leads to maintenance of weight. Fiber is of two kinds, soluble and insoluble with regards to water. The specific type of fiber that is mentioned in the title is the soluble kind and it is extremely beneficial in terms of weight loss. Let us take a look at its properties that can impart these benefits:

Promotes growth of the good bacteria

Soluble fiber that is present in the diet will reach the gut and promote the growth of the healthy bacteria which will regulate the body’s digestion. The bad bacteria in comparison hinders the absorption of the energy and allows fatty deposits at various stages. We most certainly do not want this and so the good bacteria play a vital role in ensuring that there are no fatty deposits in the gut. This would mean no more fat gain for you.

Good bacteria also reduces inflammation

The good bacteria also plays an active role in reducing the pH level in the stomach. All the acids that are secreted by the various ducts for the break down and absorption of the food are harmful to the body once the food is no longer there. The excessive acidity leads to the person wanting to consume more food and the cycle is unbreakable. This often leads to obesity. To prevent this, the good bacteria reduces the level of acidity right after the meal so that you feel at ease.

Viscous fiber helps reduce your appetite

The soluble fiber will mix with water and become viscous. This has a filling effect on the stomach and the feeling of hunger does not arrive at the brain’s receptor cells. This means that you now have a reduced appetite and you will not be consuming any more calories which will in turn lead to the current fatty deposits being used for the body’s energy requirements to be met.

The above given instances have a direct impact on the attempt at weight loss. There are indirect positive effects that consuming fiber will have on the body such as a better digestive system and higher absorption of nutrients that would lead to a higher metabolism rate and all in all fiber is a must have I your diet to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


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