How To Firm Up Your Abs Without Sit-Ups

How to get firm stomach without situps

Crunches: The Safe Alternative to Sit-Ups

The sit-up that we all remember from gym class is no longer recommended as an abdomen toner. The old sit-ups only partially exercised the abdominal muscles while putting lots of strain on the back. Performed correctly” the crunch tightens the tummy without hurting the back.1. Lie on your back bend your knees and keep your feet on the floor.

2. Put your hands at your sides (you can gently hold on to your thighs) or cross them over your chest. (In time you can increase the difficulty of the crunch by crossing your arms over your head and allowing each hand to gently touch the opposite shoulder.)

3. Contract your stomach muscles press your lower back into the floor ” and lift your upper body up to a thirty-five or forty-five-degree angle.

4. Keep your lower back pressed to the ground without arching and gently returns to the floor. Repeat five items. Gently work up to three sets of five.

Many of us perform crunches the wrong way. While “”crunching” ” keep the following in mind:

keep your neck properly extended.

Or Alternatively you can use a Towel:

Place the towel on the floor and Lay down on top so your head is off of the towel. Grab two ends of the towel and pull it while squeezing your stomach.  This will make sure you can only do a crunch.


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