How to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

How to Gain Weight Fast and Safely 1

It is often said that no one in this entire universe is happy with the current state of their body. Everyone wants to change the appearance of their bodies. There are very few people living on this planet who are so much blessed, the question is who these individuals are? Obviously they are ones who eat a lot of food but still they do not gain any excessive weight on their bodies. But believe me those fatigue people are also not very happy with their body appearance as they want to increase their weight. When the mass of the body is below average it is considered as underweight. You guys are must be aware of this fact that being under weight is as un-healthy as being obese.

Worried about being underweight? Don’t worry just try this and give me some blessings in return!!

Some tips for gaining weight in the soundest manner


It provides great set of nutrients to the body in a very short time. Therefore, it is considered as the best tool to gain mass for the body. *Self-note* try to drink the milkshakes of the seasonal fruits. Like go for mango milkshake these days! So don’t you guys forget to have a chilled glass of milkshake of your choice, Everyday!

Try to eat in portions:

Go for the short portions and make a routine to eat 5 times a day. Have a healthy breakfast with a glass of milk and some nuts in it. After then you may have some fruits with cream to satisfy your hungry tummy. In the lunch try some salads with the chunks of chicken or the protein source of your preference with the solid portion wheat grain. Then comes the most chunky time of the day and that is the, yes, the teatime! As you guys are one of those fortunate people who want to gain their weight, so have anything which you like to have at that time! *bingo* your choice all yours!


Make this your usual practice,  it helps a lot in providing some quality fats to your body and do not forget to learn the steps of exercise from a trained instructor. Actually, if you can afford so it’s better if you hire your personal fitness trainee. So let’s hit the gym people!!

Gaining weight is not difficult as losing it! So just eat whatever you like but do not forget keeping a healthy body is important rather than anything.

Enjoy life & have a foodie day!!


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