How to Handle Women Gym Bullies Fast

How to get rid of gym bullying fast How to Handle Gym Bullies Who Are Women? Is There Even a Such Thing as Gym Bullies Who Are Women? This Depends on How You Define bullies.  Some aspects of gym bulling is evident but  then there is the nonverbal bulling.  If you ask certified personal trainers like me who have been going to the gym to make  a living, we all can attest to gym bulling.


Bullying by any female gym member is mainly done in a less apparent way.  It starts with just a simple look and if you happen to be in the looker room at the same time, it happens there by showing off.

So how do you deal with a female gym bully?

There are times you must stand up for yourself and there are times you should simply ignore. Picking your bottles in life is the key and it also holds true in the gym. There is a rule of three, if someone is bulling you, ignore them for the first 2 times and if it happens for the third time, don’t let it slide.  If it is a comment someone made, walk over and say “Excuse me, i didn’t hear you properly, can you repeat what you said”. By doing so, you are putting the bully on the spot.

If she is thick enough to repeat it, don’t attack her back with insults.  The key is for you to stay clam. After she repeats it,

Say this :

Don’t understand it, what does this mean?

The point here is to put the person on the spot by asking them a question.  Bullies make shallow comments and do so without thinking much. When you force them to think. They have no choice but to either shut up or look like a fool.

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