How to Lose Belly Fat and Keep Muscle


Losing fat and losing weight are two different things. Thinking them as the same is a very major and somewhat dumb mistake by many people. The difference between calories that come into your body and the calories are consumed defines whether or not you’ll lose weight. When a shortage of calories occurs after your metabolism has burnt them and the moment when you are losing extra fat. There is also a chance that you might be, just might be burning your bodies lean muscle tissue along with it. Nobody wants to burn the body tissues along with the fat obviously. But the body really doesn’t care about what you think or what you want, so it’s going to go its thing. It has to extract stored energy from whatever source it finds suitable at the time.

Increase Protein Intake:

The single and most important thing is that eating enough protein everyday will prevent your metabolism from burning your body tissue. Your tea time snacks or midnight cravings can be very fatal to your fat loss routines. A little carelessness about your diet can prove to be dangerous on that daily nutrition chart of yours. Many ingredients present in our daily lunch or dinner recipes are not very healthy for an overweighed person. Whether the food is homemade or from a restaurant it needs to be analyzed based on the list of ingredients it contains. That’s not an easy task to do every day.

Balance Your Workout:

Your workout should be equally balanced between losing extra fat and keeping your muscles strengthened at the same time. Lift more weight to build your muscles, it’s as simple as that. while you lift more at one end, you’ve got to perform HIIT training on your body through cardio or abdominal exercises on the other end to sweat and lose the extra bit of fat on the muscles.

Eat Before & After Workouts:

Many fitness experts might give the idea that post workout food intake isn’t as important as eating before your workout. I will deny this theory because according to me it is very important to get energy back into your body after doing exercises. Small power naps have always helped successful people in performing better physically and mentally. Apart from your good night’s sleep (if you get one), you must take at least one power nap in the day of 15-20 minutes. These naps are good for the heart and regulate blood better.


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