How Much Body Fat Do You Have? 4 Essential Things to Track

How Much Body Fat Do You Have 4 Essential Things to Track 1 (1)

How Much Body Fat Do You Have? 4 Essential Things to Track

Body fat can be very dangerous for our bodies as it is easy to put on weight but very hard to get rid of it. This is the main reason one must pay attention to the amount of body fat. Another reason to have a record of body fat is to measure your progress while losing weight. You need to know whether your fat loss plan is working or not. This will also give you an idea of how much fat needs to be burnt and will allow you to set goals.

Weigh yourself weekly

The first and most important thing to measure is your body weight. You should record the weight changes every week so that you have complete knowledge about your fat loss. You shouldn’t be scared to weigh yourself as these numbers are the reality. But this is not the end of the world. Thus, if you want these numbers can be changed with putting in a lot of effort and working towards fitness. Weigh yourself every week to see changes in weight.

Before and after body pictures

The scale may not be very accurate at times because sometimes our body is converting fat to muscle. So if you lose 5 calories of fat and gain 5 calories of muscle then the weight would balance out. Thus, there will not be a change of number on the weight machine. Hence, use a big mirror or ask someone to take your pictures in the same position and same place every week. The difference in the pictures will show you how much body fat has been burnt.

Take measurements

Use a measuring tape or ask someone to help you do this. Remember to measure yourself at the same place every time. You should measure your neck, waist, arms, thighs, hip, and chest after every few days. You can record these measurements on a piece of paper, your phone or use different websites online.

Body fat must be calculated

Measuring the weight on a scale gives you the total body weight which includes bones, fat, muscle, water, and food. Calculate your body fat to get a better look at the amount of fat as the main goal in weight loss is to burn fat. Thus, use calipers, online body fat calculators, hydrostatic body fat testing and other techniques to get an accurate measure of fat stored in your body.


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