This One Simple Aerobics Mistake Is Why You Are Not Seeing The Results

Mistakes With Your Aerobic Exercise Routine It’s not a secret that Aerobics help you lose weight as well as keep your heart healthy. But if you are just starting out, you must not make the mistake most people make. As time goes by, your body will learn the ropes but in the start, you must be smart about it. Your goal is not to show up for one day or a week, it is much longer than that.  Showing up is half of the battle, you must also be prepared and this preparing is about knowing what works and what doesn’t. What prevents you from sticking to your routine and what causes you to quit. I have seen so many people stop because they did not know this one simple rule.

Very few people know if you are starting out the intensity of the workouts is very important.  It should not either be too tough or too simple. This is very important part of your aerobics workout. And if you really want to see the results that you have been hoping to achieve, follow these rules.

The intensity should be such that you are comfortable with it, as long as you are comfortable and having fun, you will show up again and again. In the start getting your body used to proper movements is important – Working too hard could result in an injury because your body is still getting used to the routine.

I know what you are thinking “if you don’t work hard enough you won’t lose the weight you want to”. Don’t worry about that, consistency is the key, you have made the decision to show up, as long as you keep showing up, you will see a huge change with your body. Hence try to find the right intensity that really suits your body. When you are trying out new exercises see to it that you include enough weights or do a minimum number of repeats that make the work out tough for you but don’t over do it.  Also keep in mind that your body will automatically tell you when to increase the weights or increase the number of repetitions.  Just learn to listen to it.

The key is to get your muscles to be sore but your joints should not be sore. As your  body gets used to the routine you are following, you will also see improvements in your form and your breathing.  If you think you injured yourself while working-out, do not hesitate to stop. Worst thing i see people do, is to keep going after their body already told them, something is wrong.

As you show up on regular basis, you will see the intensity will increase on its own. What was not possible in the first week, will be a breeze for you later. Building up your intensity slowly will help you get the results you always wanted and it will keep you injury free.


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